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Don’t fool yourself into thinking LOVE won’t ruin your credit. This book contains several stories of females who were financially ruined by giving their love and social security numbers freely to their Boos, leaving them holding the bag.

3 reviews for My Boo Jacked Up My Credit

  1. STACY HOLLOMAN, MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Graduate

    “Lydia Smith does a good job of providing vital financial literacy through creative storytelling. While her aim is to educate single women, these stories can be beneficial to all. Women, regardless of marital status, should be financially literate partners who are a part of household economic decisions. Ms. Smith’s book will help make this a reality for all women”.

  2. GRETA JONES, Keller Williams Realty, Memphis, TN

    “These two books are flawless and an awesome read. My hats off to this brilliant young lady, Lydia Smith for bringing the facts of life to the table. All scenarios will help someone male or female realize homeownership can be obtained by using the “What not to do in this serious but also funny illustration”. Not only do you site the problems but give sys

  3. AHMAD JAMIL WASHINGTON, Managing Broker/Owner of Paradise Realtors LLC, Nashville, TN

    “The e-book was very informative and debunk some of the common myths out there regarding credit. This book outlines various scenarios that will be extremely beneficial to one wanting to know about how credit works. “My Boo Jacked Up my credit” gives insight to consumers who are planning to purchase a home with a significant other in their lives. Real-life scenarios that occur very often and I would recommend this book to someone who is not married. Great information for today’s world. Way to go Lydia!”

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