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7 reviews for Do It Yourself Credit Repair

  1. Dr. JB Blocker IV, Educator, TN

    Today’s society and educational systems often fall short of equipping our youth with pragmatic skills that will assist them with day-to-day financial strategies. It is refreshing to see that this book has been designed to fill this gap. More importantly, this book will provide an opportunity for parents and students to engage in the learning process together because the information will prove useful for all age groups. How delightful it is, to finally have a document that will provide practical support for “real life” situations. This level of support can change lives”.

  2. Delores Johnson, Realtist Broker, CA

    I love your eBook. I like the links you provided. I truly learned something. I didn’t know about the Tri-merge credit report. How about adding something about student loans?”

  3. Jason Miller, eXp Realtor, TN

    Very informative and to the point. A great tool and must-read for anyone ever planning to purchase a home”.

  4. Sherita McCray, National Association Real Estate Broker Region VII Vice President, (TN, KY)

    “This was simple and to the point. I loved it and everyone should be excited about the book. Congratulations 🎉 “

  5. Czenzie O. Smith, Financial Wellbeing Coach, TN

    “Ebook had a lot of good information”

  6. Ameenah Rashied, Educator, TN

    “This was a Fantastic Read! It was short, sweet, and to the point. It highlighted the major credit repair questions and concerns by not only giving solutions that would work but also shedding light on why someone might not have had success in the past. I have read several books on Credit and credit repair and “Do it Yourself Credit Repair,” has so much to offer to the genre of self-help, especially for those looking to begin their path to financial literacy and Freedom”.

  7. Tonya Covington, Realtor, TN

    “As a 19- year veteran in the Real Estate industry, I can truly say that this 10-page powerhouse contains great invaluable information that anyone can use to get themselves on the road to financial recovery and build a legacy of family wealth. I appreciate you for taking the time to put it on paper to make things clear for all of us and I look forward to sharing it with my clients and family”.

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